We are women of all ages and circumstances, single, married, widowed and divorced, living throughout the United States and Canada. Some of us have small children, some have grandchildren and even a few great-grandchildren. We are each unique, separated by our talents and dreams. It is the gathering of those differences that makes our group so dynamic, so charismatic!

We are united through friendship and dedication to community service. We are just as busy as the busiest person you know, but we each believe that we can make a positive difference and united … we do!

We are Sigma Phi Gamma International Sorority, founded in love and friendship, dedicated to serving our communities. We are today…are you part of our tomorrow?

Sigma Phi Gamma members issue membership invitations. Chapters share mutual interests, which bind all chapters into a bond of friendship.

It only takes 8 women to start a chapter. There are experienced members to help you. For info send your name and location to info@SigmaPhiGamma.com
Be part of an awesome organization!