Sisters' Stories


Xi Xi Chapter

She met me with "open arms, a happy heart and a welcoming spirit"

Reflecting back to my early days as a Xi Xi girl in Sigma Phi Gamma International Sorority, Inc. I am reminded of the first time I met Marcia. It was a meeting with our Pledge Mistress Lois from Psi Chapter and the Gamma Province Organizer Sharon. Each time we met, Lois would bring one or two of her Psi Sisters, and sometimes girls from Mu Beta, with her to Columbus. We studied and learned about SPG, we memorized (or tried to memorize) various things like our Pledge and Creed. We learned about the Life Founders and the importance of Hartford City to our history. There were always lots of stories about the good old days and the recent happenings that illustrated the value and love these women had for one another and their sorority.

On one particular evening Marcia (Psi) was with Lois. When she laid eyes on me she just rushed right up, grabbed me, and she hugged me like she was my mother or best friend. She smiled from ear to ear and told me how happy she was that I was joining sorority. Marcia did not know me from Adam - as the saying goes. But there she was with open arms, a happy heart, and a welcoming spirit.

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"I loved being a mom but began to feel isolated"

College graduation, marriage, my first child. Life was wonderful and I was feeling very blessed. But there was also something missing from my life. My husband and I had made the decision that I would stay at home with my son for as long as we could financially afford it. I quickly learned that being a first time mom isn’t easy when you don’t have a network of family, friends (with children) and connections close by. I loved being a mom but began to feel isolated and never got a break or any kind of adult time. Then my mother suggested I join a friendship sorority.

  • I don’t know why I didn’t think of it myself. After all, I grew up around Sigma Phi Gamma! My mother was a member and had been since I was young. I realized I really didn’t know much about it, it was just something my mom was involved in. Under very few circumstances did she not leave to attend her “Sorority Meeting” on Thursday nights, leaving my dad to hold down the fort with my four siblings and myself. At the time I thought it was more about commitment, now I realize it was her way of connecting with other women and her community. She contacted a member of the local chapter in my town, who in turn called and invited me to come and meet “the girls”.
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"What a wonderful chain of friendship I found"

As a young girl, I was raised in a family who believed that you don't have to look very far to realized how fortunate you are. Given that foundation, I spent my early childhood baking cookies, helping with car washes, and raising money to help a disabled Vietnam Vet and less fortunate members of our community.

  • Sigma Phi Gamma was a natural magnet for me in my 20's, as I searched for a women's group who shared my desire to help others.  What a wonderful chain of friendship I found in  this group of women with a focus on FRIENDSHIP   SERVICE    COMMUNITY.

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  • I love SPG for the loving, caring and friendly ladies you come to know and love from all over the U.S. and Canada at the International Convention. The contributions to communities and nonprofit organizations are most heartwarming. SPG DOES make a difference thanks to our beautiful sisters.

  • Sigma Phi Gamma has always been a "girl thing" in my family including: my daughter, my sister, my niece, and my sister-in-law.

  • I love going to International Conventions!  Road trips with sisters, adventures and funny happenings, lots of great food, making new friendships, and renewing old ones... what better way to relax and have fun than with those you love- our SPG sisters